Services Offered

As a distributer of wall protection systems including but not limited to FRP, wood veneer panel systems, and high impact wall coverings.

We have years of experience in installation and development of these systems. Most of the services we offer are listed below.

  • Product Installation
    • FRP Installation: Standard as well as Fire Rated material in various patterns and colors.
    • Wood Veneer Paneling Installation
    • High Impact Wall coverings
      • Acrovyn
      • Kydex
      • Korogaurd
      • InProCorp
      • Pawling
    • Crash-Rail Installation
    • Hand-Rail Installation
    • Corner Guards
      • Aluminum Backer with PVC skin
      • Stainless
    • Interior Trespa Paneling installation
    • Marlite tongue and groove planking
    • FRL(Fiberglass Reinforced Laminate) Installation
    • Laminate Panel Installation

  • Product Distribution
    • FRP Various colors and Textures
      • Standard
      • Fire Rated
    • Marlite T&G Planking
    • High Impact Tub Surrround's
    • Plastic Laminate Paneling